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15 Ways to Promote Your University for Events and Functions

Posted on 7 May 2024

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Universities offer flexible, convenient, and well-equipped spaces, making them ideal for hosting a variety of events. However, they are often overlooked as potential venues. By implementing the right marketing strategy, you can position your university as the ultimate destination for events and gatherings of any size.

To kickstart your efforts, we've curated 15 effective methods to promote your university as a top-tier event venue.


1. Leverage Academic Strengths

Highlight your university's academic reputation and areas of expertise by showcasing the wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge research that your institution has to offer. Position your venue spaces as the perfect setting for engaging and informative educational conferences, seminars, and workshops. Showcasing your university as a hub of learning and innovation will attract event planners looking to host gatherings in a space that fosters growth, collaboration, and intellectual exchange.

2. Showcase Unique Architectural Features


Emphasise the unique architectural elements that set your university apart from other event venues. Whether it's the grandeur of historic buildings with intricate detailing or the sleek, modern design of state-of-the-art facilities, showcasing these distinctive features can captivate event planners looking for a venue with character and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. By showcasing the allure and distinctiveness of your university's architectural features, you can draw in a wide array of event planners looking for an elegant and original venue space.

3. Utilise Your Campus Ambiance

Highlight the ambience of your campus to attract event planners seeking a peaceful and inspiring setting. The serene atmosphere of a university not only sets the stage for a successful event but also serves as a compelling selling point for gatherings in search of a calm and intellectually stimulating environment. The blend of academic buildings and natural surroundings creates a harmonious balance, perfect for sparking creativity and fostering meaningful connections among attendees. 

4. Offer Comprehensive Tech Support

High-speed internet connectivity, top-of-the-line projectors, interactive whiteboards, and cutting-edge sound systems are just a few examples of the tech amenities already in place at your university that can elevate the event experience. By effectively promoting these products and services, your university will not only meet but exceed the expectations of event planners, making it the preferred choice for corporate events, conferences, and meetings looking for a venue that prioritises tech innovation and support.

5. Highlight Flexibility


2-May-07-2024-12-53-15-3138-AMShowcase the versatility of your spaces by highlighting the range of options available for event planners. From intimate seminar rooms perfect for small workshops or breakout sessions to large auditoriums ideal for keynote presentations or panel discussions, your university offers a diverse selection of spaces to accommodate events of all sizes and types. Whether it's a networking mixer, a corporate training session, or a community event, emphasise how your venues can be customised to meet the specific needs and preferences of different event types. This adaptability ensures that your university is the go-to destination for a wide variety of gatherings.


6. Create Attractive Packages


Develop tailored venue packages that include venue hire, catering, tech support, and additional service costs. By creating comprehensive and customisable packages, event planners can easily choose the options that best suit their needs and budget. These bundled offerings not only simplify decision-making but also provide exceptional value for organizers, ensuring that they can host successful events without the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors or services. 

7. Engage Alumni Networks


Tap into your university's alumni network for promotion. Alumni who had positive experiences during their time at the university might prefer to host or recommend your venues for corporate or personal events. Alumni are often proud of their alma mater and eager to support its initiatives. By engaging with alumni through targeted communication and events, you can harness their loyalty and enthusiasm to spread the word about your university's event spaces.


8. Utilise Student Talent


4-May-07-2024-01-02-35-7634-AMOffering services incorporating student talent can elevate your university's event experience. Whether it's music performances, art displays, or expert technical support, showcasing the skills and creativity of students adds a unique and dynamic element to any university gathering. Not only does this enrich the events themselves, but it also highlights the diverse talents present within your university's vibrant community. By tapping into this valuable resource, you create memorable experiences for event attendees and demonstrate the depth of resources and opportunities available at your institution.


9. Partner with Local Businesses


Partnering with local businesses is a strategic move that can elevate the overall event experience at your university. By collaborating with catering companies, accommodation providers, and other event services, you can offer comprehensive packages that meet the diverse needs of event planners. This synergy enhances convenience and adds a touch of local flair to your events. From local cuisine to comfortable accommodations for out-of-town attendees, these partnerships create a seamless and immersive experience that sets your university apart as a preferred event venue. 

10. Highlight Green Spaces


If your campus boasts gardens, courtyards, or green spaces, highlight these spaces as perfect venues for hosting a wide array of events. Whether it's a sophisticated cocktail reception under the stars, a team-building session, or a casual networking event in a serene outdoor setting, these idyllic green spaces add a touch of charm and tranquillity to any gathering. 


11. Showcase Accessibility


Ease of access is a critical factor for event planners and can greatly impact the overall success and convenience of hosting an event at your university. By promoting the accessibility of your university, including highlighting convenient public transport links, ample parking facilities, and a variety of nearby accommodation and dining options, you can assure event planners that attendees will have no trouble getting to and from the venue.


12. Provide Virtual Tours


By offering virtual tours of your university venues online, you unlock a realm of possibilities for prospective clients. This cutting-edge approach enables event planners and organisers to immerse themselves in your campus space's distinctive ambience from any corner of the globe. With a simple click, they can explore lecture halls, meeting rooms, outdoor settings, and more, gaining a holistic grasp of the layout and potential of each area. This virtual experience saves time and resources, and ignites creativity and inspiration, empowering clients to clearly visualise their events in your university's venue spaces.


13. Highlight Testimonials and Case Studies


Share success stories and testimonials from previous events to showcase the real impact and success of events at your university. By highlighting the positive feedback and detailed case studies from past clients, you can build trust and confidence in the quality of your venues and services. These testimonials serve as social proof of the value and excellence that event planners can expect when choosing your university as their venue of choice. 


14. Offer Special Incentives


Consider offering special incentives for first-time bookings or off-peak periods to entice event planners to choose your university as their preferred venue. These incentives could range from discounted rates, complimentary upgrades, or exclusive add-ons to enhance the event experience. Attractive offers don't just attract new clients - they encourage previous ones to return for future events, fostering long-term partnerships and loyalty. 


15. Engage in Continuous Promotion


Utilise a multi-faceted approach to promote your university event spaces effectively. Engage with your audience through diverse channels such as social media platforms, university websites, and email newsletters. Consistently update your content to keep attendees informed about upcoming events, exclusive offers, and standout features of your venue spaces. By maintaining a dynamic online presence and regularly sharing compelling updates, you can capture the attention of event planners and create a buzz around your university as the go-to destination for unforgettable gatherings.


Boost Your University Venue Bookings Today


By implementing these innovative strategies, you can effectively showcase the beauty and charm of your university's venues and attract a range of events, meetings and functions of all shapes and sizes. Remember, the trick is to showcase the beauty and charm of your space and highlight its unique aspects to demonstrate how it can add value to any event.


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