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Here's How One Simple Tool Can Boost Your Venue Sales Revenue

Posted on 24 October 2023

Venue Management


When it comes to hotel venue sales, every customer interaction holds the potential to shape your revenue and drive business growth. However, there's a single, transformative strategy that can give you an unparalleled advantage. With it, you have the ability to captivate your prospects, provide targeted solutions, and secure more sales. It's not elusive marketing magic or a convoluted sales technique—it's personalisation


Personalisation is the secret ingredient that transforms ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences. It's the art of making your prospects feel seen, understood, and valued right from the moment they encounter your brand. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or corporate event, personalisation holds the key to unlocking a whole new level of success in your venue sales.


By tailoring your approach from lead capture to conversion, you can create a unique and memorable experience that drives bookings and boosts revenue. Discover why personalisation is so important for hotel venue sales and how you can leverage it effectively.


1. Personalisation Starts with Prior Planning


The journey towards personalisation begins with planning. Before taking any action, it's crucial to determine the information you want to collect about your potential customers. This will create a strong foundation for personalised interactions that resonate with their unique needs and preferences. It's important to strike a balance between capturing valuable data and being targeted in your approach.

How to Gather Meaningful Information


iVvy_Icon-20Identify key data points: Determine the essential information that will enable you to personalise your interactions effectively. Consider capturing details such as event type, preferred dates, the expected number of attendees, specific event requirements, and any particular preferences mentioned during initial conversations. These key data points will serve as the building blocks for customised experiences.


iVvy_Icon-22Prioritise quality over quantity: While it's tempting to collect as much data as possible, focus on gathering high-quality information that provides deep insights into your prospects. Instead of bombarding potential clients with lengthy forms, streamline the lead capture process by asking targeted questions that yield valuable responses. This approach not only improves the overall user experience but also encourages prospects to provide more accurate and relevant information.


iVvy_Icon-29Leverage progressive profiling: If you have an existing database of leads or returning clients, utilise progressive profiling techniques. Rather than asking for all information upfront, progressively gather additional data over time and add it to your contact profiles. By strategically requesting new details during subsequent interactions, you can gradually build a comprehensive profile while ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for your prospects.


iVvy_Icon-10Implement smart technology solutions: Take advantage of technology tools such as contact management systems and marketing automation. These solutions can streamline the lead capture process, automatically collect and organise data, and provide valuable insights to help you deliver targeted personalisation. Leveraging automation frees up your team's time, allowing them to focus on building relationships and crafting tailored experiences.


2. Create Tailored Proposals

Once leads have been captured, create personalised proposals that cater to the individual needs and preferences of potential customers. By utilising information collected during the lead capture stage, you can tailor your proposals to showcase amenities, distinctive features, and package options that align with each prospect's requirements.


By implementing this customised approach, you demonstrate your comprehension of their specific needs and substantially enhance the likelihood of securing a deal. In fact, according to Salesforce, personalised engagement based on previous interactions is deemed vital by 59% of customers when it comes to acquiring their business.


3. Customised Communication Channels

Personalisation extends beyond the initial proposal. By leveraging various communication channels, such as email, social media, and even phone calls, you can continue to provide a personalised experience throughout the customer journey. Tailoring your messages based on each prospect's preferences and previous interactions will make them feel valued and understood. According to Experian, personalised emails deliver six times higher transaction rates - if you want to convert, you need to get personal.


4. Enhance the Onsite Experience


When event planners step foot in your venue for a site inspection, it presents a golden opportunity to showcase your unwavering dedication to personalisation and leave a lasting impression. By going above and beyond to create a memorable onsite experience tailored to their every preference and need, you can demonstrate your commitment to excellence while significantly influence their decision-making process. This personalised approach will increase the likelihood of securing their business and fostering long-term loyalty.


How to Enhance the On-Site Experience


iVvy_Icon-39Personalised welcome: Roll out the red carpet by welcoming event planners with a personalised touch. Greet them by name and provide a welcome note or package that reflects their specific requirements and interests. This small gesture can set a positive tone and make them feel valued right from the beginning.


iVvy_Icon-34Customised venue setup: Take the time to understand the unique needs of each event planner and customise the venue setup accordingly. Whether it's arranging the seating arrangement, lighting, or decor, align the setup with their envisioned event. Showcasing your flexibility and attention to detail will leave a lasting impression and instil confidence in your ability to deliver their desired experience.


iVvy_Icon-30Tailored amenities and services: Anticipate the event planner's preferences and provide personalised amenities and services throughout their site inspection. If they have specific dietary requirements, arrange a sample menu that caters to their needs. Offer a curated list of nearby attractions or entertainment options that align with their event theme. These thoughtful touches demonstrate your understanding of their vision and showcase your commitment to creating a seamless and memorable event experience.


iVvy_Icon-19Exclusive site access: Grant event planners exclusive access to different areas of the venue during the site inspection. This allows them to envision their event in its entirety and explore your venue’s full potential. Consider showcasing unique features, such as outdoor areas, event halls, or areas that align with their specific event requirements.


Get Personal with Your Approach to Venue Sales 


By putting personalisation at the core of your sales strategy, your venue will stand head and shoulders above the rest. From capturing leads effectively to crafting tailored proposals, utilising custom communication channels, and delivering an unparalleled onsite experience, you have all the tools to set your venue apart. Embrace the power of personalisation and watch your venue become the top choice for exceptional event experiences. 


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