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How to Personalise Your Lead Gen Strategy for More Engaged Prospects

Posted on 1 August 2023

Venue Management


When acquiring new business for potential venue sales, generating high-quality leads is just one part of the puzzle. Accumulating a large volume of leads is not enough. To thrive, you need to be focusing your energy on quality over quantity. This is where personalisation comes into play. 


By tailoring your lead generation strategy to each prospect, you can significantly enhance engagement, forge meaningful connections, and ultimately drive increased sales. To help you succeed, we’ve compiled tips on how to effectively personalise your lead generation strategy to captivate and engage venue sales prospects.


Thorough Research: The Foundation of Personalisation

iVvy_Icon-29Personalisation begins with a comprehensive understanding of your prospects. Research is key  - 73% of customers are more likely to switch brands if they don't receive a personalised experience. Take the time to delve deeply into each lead, acquiring pertinent information about their company, industry, recent accomplishments, and pain points. This knowledge will provide valuable insights, enabling you to tailor your messaging and approach to address their specific needs effectively.

Strategic Lead Segmentation: Tailoring to Perfection

iVvy_Icon-02Understanding that every lead is unique, it is vital to divide them into segments for effective venue sales. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group has demonstrated that tailoring email messages according to individual preferences can enhance click-through rates by an average of 14% and improve conversions by 10%. By categorising your leads based on relevant factors such as event type or geographical location, you can create customised marketing messages and sales pitches that truly resonate with each segment's distinct requirements. This personalised approach not only demonstrates your expertise in their specific field but distinguishes your venue from generic competitors.

Craft Compelling Outreach Messages: Make an Impact

When you reach out to potential customers, it's crucial to show that you've taken the time and made an effort to understand their specific needs - in other words, generic messaging copy just won’t cut it. With 72% of customers only engaging with personalised messaging, it's clear that customisation is the key to driving meaningful interactions.iVvy_Icon-83 

Referencing specific details from your CSM or contact research will demonstrate how your venue can offer customised solutions to address specific event needs. By proving your attentiveness and dedication, you greatly increase the chances of grabbing attention and starting a productive conversation.

Leveraging Social and Online Platforms: Amplify Your Reach

iVvy_Icon-53Social media and online platforms offer exceptional avenues for personalisation. In fact, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation and 62% say it produces leads for them. Capitalise on this opportunity by following your prospects on professional social platforms such as LinkedIn (avoid personal profiles on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram).

Engage with content your prospects post, share valuable insights, and position yourself as a knowledgeable industry expert. This approach allows you to establish rapport, foster trust, and build a strong professional presence in their minds. 

Embrace Automation and CRM Tools: Streamline and Scale

iVvy_Icon-24To maximise your lead generation efforts - and your productivity - embrace the power of automation and customer relationship management (CRM). According to WebFX, companies that use CRM systems have seen a 17% increase in lead conversions, a 16% boost in customer retention, and a 21% improvement in agent productivity.

These streamlined systems enable you to track interactions, monitor engagement levels, and automate personalised follow-up emails or reminders. By automating repetitive tasks, you free up valuable time to focus on building genuine connections with prospects. Leverage these tools to optimise your personalisation efforts and drive tangible results.

Personalised Content Marketing: Deliver Value and Expertise

Throughout your prospecting or automated emails, provide your leads with insightful and valuable content, including blogs, templates, podcasts, and thought-leadership articles.  By delivering valuable insights and practical solutions through your content, you establish yourself as a trusted advisor in their eyes. This approach fosters higher engagement and establishes a stronger connection with your audience. They'll come to rely on your expertise and guidance, positioning you as the go-to resource for all their venue-related needs.

Investing in high-quality, personalised content not only sets you apart from competitors but also amplifies your credibility and authority. Insights from KO Marketing revealed 70% of brands that use advanced personalisation achieved 200% ROI and more from their efforts. As you consistently provide valuable information and actionable advice, your target audience will recognise your commitment to their success. 


Take your content marketing one step further by leveraging dynamic content on your website and landing pages to show different messaging and offers based on your site visitor’s behaviour and interests. The more you can address specific pain points and relate to prospective leads on a personal level, the more likely you are to convert. 

Your Checklist for More Engaged Leads

James - LinkedIn post (Facebook Post (Square)) (6) Research your target audience before reaching out - find the demographics that make the most sense for your business.


James - LinkedIn post (Facebook Post (Square)) (6)Segment your audience - categorise contacts into segments you can use to tailor messaging, target pain points, and provide relevant solutions.

James - LinkedIn post (Facebook Post (Square)) (6)Use collected info and available data to create personalised outreach messages - remember, customisation is essential for meaningful interactions.

James - LinkedIn post (Facebook Post (Square)) (6)Leverage social media
- connect with prospects on professional social platforms like LinkedIn. Use this as a channel to engage, exchange ideas and foster a personal connection.

James - LinkedIn post (Facebook Post (Square)) (6)Streamline and scale with your CRM
- Track interactions, monitor engagement levels, and automate personalised follow-up emails or reminders via your CRM. 

James - LinkedIn post (Facebook Post (Square)) (6) Personalise your content - Establish your business as a thought leader by providing prospects with insightful and valuable content, including blogs, templates, podcasts, and thought-leadership articles.


Get Personal for Greater Lead Prospects

Personalisation is crucial in the world of lead generation, ensuring you're not only generating leads but generating high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers. By following these best practices and personalising your lead generation approach, you can capture more engaged prospects who are more likely to convert and achieve better results from your lead generation efforts.


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