How PMS Integration Can Boost Group Bookings


Maximising Venue Revenue: How PMS Integration Can Boost Group Bookings

Posted on 2 January 2024

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 It's no secret that hosting events and meetings can significantly boost your revenue and fill your venue's rooms. However, the group booking process comes with challenges that can be both a blessing and a burden. The logistical intricacies, coordination demands, and the potential for human error can make managing group bookings daunting. 


Luckily there's a simple solution - integrating your Property Management System (PMS). By connecting your PMS with other operational software in your hotel's portfolio, you'll not only streamline your group booking processes but also skyrocket your booking revenue. It's a match made in heaven that guarantees success for both you and your clients.


The Group Booking Challenge


Group bookings for events and meetings can be both a blessing and a challenge. While they often bring in both guests and revenue, managing the logistics can be complex and time-consuming. This is where integrating your PMS with venue management software can be a smart and sustainable management solution. 

How PMS Integration with Venue Management Software Can Streamline Your Group Booking Process


By integrating your Property Management System (PMS) with venue management software, hotels can seamlessly streamline the entire group booking process, ensuring a smooth journey from initial inquiry stage to successful event execution. This is done through:


1. Real-Time Availability


iVvy_Icon-37Integrating your PMS with venue management software can be a game-changer for venue managers and event planners alike. One of the biggest advantages is the real-time room availability feature, enabling all team members to easily view which rooms are available at any given time, removing the risk of overbooking. 


With this integrated feature, you can confidently plan and make informed decisions about event dates and room requirements. This is especially helpful for larger events like conferences or weddings, where there are multiple room types and configurations to consider. 


2. Automated Booking


iVvy_Icon-09Integrating your hotel's PMS with venue management software like iVvy can simplify the booking process for event planners. Through venue software, planners can reserve spaces and room accommodation directly, with all event information will be seamlessly transferred to the hotel PMS. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of double bookings or mistakes made by human error.  

Automated booking benefits both your staff and event planners. Staff can save time and reduce errors with an efficient reservation process, which can lead to higher guest satisfaction and an increase in event bookings.


3. Customised Packages


iVvy_Icon-43Integrated systems empower hotels to develop tailored packages for events. These customised packages can include room rates, catering options, A/V equipment, and other amenities. By adopting a personalised approach, your hotel can increase interest and enhance the probability of venue sales conversions.


Customised packages not only streamline the planning process but also make your hotel more attractive to a wider range of event types. Whether it's a corporate conference, a wedding reception, or a birthday celebration, integrated systems enable your hotel to cater to diverse clientele effortlessly.


4. Group Check-In/Out


iVvy_Icon-29Efficient group check-in and check-out processes are another major benefit of PMS and venue management software integration. Large events often involve numerous guests arriving and departing simultaneously, which can lead to long lines and guest frustration. Integrated systems help hotels manage this process more effectively.


With group check-in and check-out capabilities, hotels can expedite the arrival and departure of event attendees. Event planners can provide a list of guests in advance, and the integrated system will ensure a seamless check-in experience. This not only saves time but also sets a positive tone for the entire event.


Boosting Revenue Through Efficiency


The benefits of PMS and venue management software integration extend beyond streamlined operations. By making the booking process smoother and more efficient, hotels can attract more event planners, leading to increased revenue. 


How Greater Efficiency Translates Into Financial Gains

1. Faster Response Times



Integrated systems offer real-time room availability and automated booking, giving hotels the power to respond to inquiries and booking requests at lightning speed. Event planners, with their jam-packed schedules and looming deadlines, really appreciate a swift response that can make all the difference in their decision-making process.


By prompting providing event planners with information, hotels can significantly increase the chances of booking conversion.


2. Increased Bookings


iVvy_Icon-79The convenience and flexibility offered by integrated systems can make your hotel the top choice for event planners. This means more bookings, more revenue, and more reasons to celebrate.

Event planners love the simplicity of making reservations, managing their events, and customising packages through a user-friendly interface. The ability to effortlessly book and manage multiple rooms for various events is a major selling point. It takes the stress out of their workload and makes your hotel the obvious choice over competitors without integrated systems. The more bookings you secure, the more revenue you'll rake in. It's a win-win situation. 


3. Add-On Sales



Let's face it, event planners are always on the lookout for ways to make their events stand out. With integrated systems, hotels can offer customised packages and upsell additional services to boost their event revenue. From catering to audiovisual equipment, these add-on options can take any event to the next level.


By highlighting these enticing extras during the booking process, hotels can effortlessly increase their revenue. Not only does it benefit the hotel, but it also enhances the overall event experience for planners and attendees. 



4. Repeat Business


iVvy_Icon-91Providing a positive experience with streamlined group bookings is likely to lead to repeat business from event planners. A seamless and efficient process encourages event planners to return to your hotel for future events. They already know the booking process is hassle-free, and they trust that your hotel will deliver a successful event.


Furthermore, satisfied event planners are likely to recommend your hotel to their colleagues and peers in the industry. Word-of-mouth referrals can have a profound impact on your hotel's reputation and bottom line.


Boost Group Bookings with PMS Integration Today


Integrating your hotel PMS with venue management software is a powerful combination that not only simplifies group bookings but also supercharges your efficiency, guest satisfaction, and ultimately, your bottom line. By implementing these integrated solutions, you can position your hotel as the premier choice for event planners, leading to significant financial growth. 


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