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Online Security & Venue Management Software: What You Need to Know

Posted on 14 February 2023

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A breach in the online security of your venue’s software can have far-reaching and costly implications. 


According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months after suffering a cyber attack. Moreover, IBM estimates that the average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86 million USD per incident. 


To protect against malicious attacks and unauthorised access, it is essential to ensure your venue management software solution has adequate online security protocols in place. By doing so, you will be better equipped to safeguard your venue's sensitive information from potential breaches and other cyber threats.


Why Online Security is So Important for Venues


Venues and their many events involve the handling of confidential information about delegates, including names, emails, phone numbers, employment status and disabilities. This personal data is a valuable resource for hackers, therefore it is essential to protect it. As awareness around this issue increases, venues are being more proactive in safeguarding this sensitive information.


it is essential to ensure the online security of data relating to any on-site events and attending delegates. Investigate the security policies of your management software provider to determine if they have comprehensive protocols in place that reduce the risk of a breach. Staying ahead of potential threats will provide you with greater peace of mind.


Important security factors to consider when choosing venue management software

Data encryption

Protection against malicious attacks

Regular online security updates

Data encryption helps to protect venue data from potential breaches and unauthorised access. It involves the use of complex algorithms to scramble sensitive data, making it unreadable and inaccessible to anyone without the appropriate decryption key. By ensuring that your venue management software uses strong encryption methods, you can rest assured that your venue’s sensitive information is secure and can only be accessed by those with permission. Protecting against malicious attacks is also essential when investing in online security and selecting venue management software. Malicious actors often target venue systems in order to gain access to valuable data or disrupt operations. To protect against such threats, it is important to ensure that your venue management system has the right security measures in place. This includes firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems and other security protocols designed to block malicious attempts at accessing venue data or disrupting operations.

Regular online security updates are an essential element of venue management software. Regularly updating the venue’s software will help to ensure that all security protocols are up to date and able to protect against emerging threats. Updates should be implemented on a regular basis, as new cyber threats emerge every day and hackers become more sophisticated in their methods.


Additionally, venue managers should ensure that all users are also running the latest version of the venue management software. This will ensure that the venue is protected from any potential attacks and unauthorised access by limiting the attack surface.


Online security questions to ask when choosing venue management software


It's crucial to ensure your venue management software is properly secured - but where do you even begin? To help, here are the top questions every software provider should be ready to answer about their data security.


Is this venue software PCI-compliant?






Good cloud-based venue management software is PCI-DSS level 1 compliant, which means it meets the highest standards for handling sensitive data. It also utilises built-in encryption algorithms and user authentication protocols to ensure data remains secure both in transit and at rest. 


To ensure help is available for any and all security matters, venue management software should include 24/7 support capabilities. Having the ability to access technical assistance at any time ensures customers can take full advantage of all the features and capabilities of the software without worrying about outages or other security issues.




How is my data protected?






Secure your event data by ensuring the highest level of encryption protocols are in place. Investigate what measures have been taken to encrypt stored information as well as transmitted (in transit) between server and client, such as HTTPS and AES technology. This will protect against unauthorised access or unwanted manipulation of critical information for maximum peace of mind when selecting venue management software.



Where is my data stored?






To ensure secure venue management procedures, always be aware of the data security measures enforced by your software provider. If, for example, you have data collected from Europe that may be stored on US-based servers, make sure that all privacy shield terms apply to guarantee privacy in accordance with EU standards. 


Additionally, inquire about the cloud server’s physical location and confirm it abides by data protection regulations for added protection of sensitive data. Lastly, verify who has access to such servers as well as what sorts of security protocols are employed for maximum safety assurance.




How can I ensure secure access to my venue management software?






You may want to enquire about how software is accessed on the provider’s side, and how accessibility to client data is managed. For example, venue management software provider iVvy has strict control over employees' access to client data. Before any further permissions are granted, clients must approve the request - ensuring sensitive information is always protected. Once an employee's role no longer requires accessing this type of data, all rights will be immediately terminated for added security measures.




Invest in a safe and secure choice


When it comes to selecting a venue management software system, the decision must be made with an eye towards security. Investigate its features and make sure they meet high levels of cybersecurity--including two-factor authentication for logins, encrypted data storage, and frequent compliance testing. 


Taking these extra steps can help keep your information secured while preserving your venue's integrity.


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