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5 Gifts for Event Clients This Christmas (That Aren't Discounts)

Posted on 28 November 2023

Venue Management


Step up your gift-giving game this year and delight your event clients with a little something extra special.

This festive season, we're rewriting the script on gift-giving for event clients with an array of unique and unforgettable ideas. Forget about the standard discounts—this blog is your guide to offering presents that resonate far beyond the holiday season. 


From exclusive tasting events to priority booking privileges that transform stress into golden opportunities, we're here to inspire you to be the venue manager who gifts experiences so remarkable that your clients will swear Santa moonlights in venue management.


1. A Very Festive Tasting Event Invitation


iVvy_Icon-04Spice up your event client’s holiday season with a dash of flavour. Ditch the traditional gifts and invite them along to a tasting event that's more festive (and unique) than Santa's wardrobe. Whether it's wine, food, or cocktails, it's an invitation to savour the season. Why give a gift when you can give an experience that leaves their taste buds tingling with joy (and your venue front of mind)?


This gift also gives your venue the perfect opportunity to showcase new or upcoming menu additions that will be added to catering or event food and beverage packages in the new year *hint, hint*.


2. Priority Booking for Peak Seasons


iVvy_Icon-27Give the gift of stress-free planning - the gift of gold (frankincense and myrrh) for event planners. This Christmas, make your clients feel truly valued with priority booking for peak seasons; aka, a golden ticket to the front of the line. 


This is not just a gift; it's a strategic move that speaks volumes about your commitment to their success. By ensuring they get first dibs on prime dates, you're not only making their planning process smoother but also solidifying your place as their go-to venue. Let the booking wars begin – and may the odds be ever in their respective favour.


3. An Exclusive Event Planning Workshop


iVvy_Icon-50Move over, gift cards. This year, give your guests a VIP pass to event planning greatness by hosting an exclusive complimentary workshop that spills the tea on industry secrets, trends, and hacks that will help your clients grow their event businesses. 


By showing an active interest in your client's profession and providing opportunities for them to explore growth areas that aren't directly related to your venue (but are conveniently located in your venue), you can build stronger connections and forge longer-lasting relationships.

4. Personalised Wine Bottles


iVvy_Icon-01Hampers filled with seasonal nougat and smoked almonds are all well and good - but they’re no personalised wine bottle. Include your client’s name, event date, or a witty event-related joke on a bottle, and you've got a gift worth talking about.

It's not just a ‘cheers’; it's a celebration of memories bottled up, waiting to be uncorked. Because, let's be honest, customised wine is the ultimate way to say "You're the grape-est"  "You're appreciated".


5. A Venue-Themed Cocktail/Mocktail Kit


iVvy_Icon-30Now, this suggestion is perhaps one of our favourites. Get creative with your team and brainstorm venue-themed cocktail or mocktail recipes, and put together a truly unique hamper for your event clients, complete with a shaker, glass, and branded instruction card. 


For something a little different, you could also have your branded card linked to a step-by-step video (which could conveniently include information about your venue spaces and any new updates you’d like to share).



Give Your Event Clients a Gift Worth Talking About


In the battle of discounts vs. VIP perks, VIP always wins. Let the festivities begin, and may your gifts resonate long after the decorations come down. Cheers to creating moments that linger in the hearts and minds of your event clients—because, in the end, it's not just about gifting; it's about crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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