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Comparing Venue Management Software for Stadiums

Posted on 4 April 2023

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When it comes to managing a stadium or arena, there are countless tasks involved: ticketing and seating, concessions, event scheduling and staffing, and more. To streamline these complex processes, many venue managers have turned to specialised software to help them handle everything from event planning to day-to-day operations. But with so many different solutions on the market, it can be tough to know which one is the right fit for your needs.

In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the top venue management software options on the market and compare their features, pricing, and overall value to help you make an informed decision.


Benefits of venue management software for stadiums and arenas

Venue management software can provide numerous benefits for stadiums and arenas, including:


Increased efficiency: Venue management software can automate many of the time-consuming tasks involved in managing a stadium or arena, including event scheduling, registration and ticketing, catering and equipment rentals, and staff management. This can help save time and reduce the risk of errors or double bookings.


Improved customer experience: With the right venue management software, stadium and arena managers can provide a better experience for their customers, such as providing mobile ticketing and self-service kiosks for faster entry and exit, and improved communication and engagement with customers through the use of event management tools.


Boosted revenue: By automating many of the manual processes involved in managing a stadium or arena, venue management software can help managers optimise their operations and increase revenue. For example, managers can use real-time reporting to identify areas where they can improve sales or reduce costs, such as by offering discounts or limited-time package deals during quieter periods.


Better data analysis: Venue management software can provide real-time reporting and data analysis, allowing stadium and arena managers to make data-driven decisions to improve operations and enhance the customer experience.


Overall, the benefits of venue management software for stadiums and arenas are numerous and can help improve efficiency, increase revenue, and provide a better experience for both customers and staff.


Comparing Stadium Venue Management Software


When looking for venue management software for your stadium, you should keep a few key features in mind, such as event management, scheduling, invoicing, and reporting. 


To help you get started, we’ve compared some of the top venue management software options.


iVvy is a cloud-based software that offers a range of features to streamline your venue management operations. One of the most notable features of iVvy is its event management tools. With iVvy, you can easily create and manage events, set up registration and ticketing, manage catering and equipment rentals, and schedule staff and volunteers. The platform also offers features like automated invoicing and payment processing, real-time reporting, and a mobile app to manage your events on the go.


In addition to event management, iVvy's unique venue management software also includes features like scheduling, which allows you to manage room or facility bookings and availability, and CRM, which lets you manage customer relationships and interactions. The platform also offers integrations with popular third-party tools like MYOB, Xero, and Outlook.


iVvy's unique venue management software also includes features like lead management, which helps you track leads and convert them into bookings, and inventory management, which allows you to manage and track your venue's inventory of equipment, food, and beverage items. Plus, the platform's real-time reporting lets you analyse your venue's performance and make data-driven decisions.

EventBooking is another cloud-based venue management software that offers a range of features for stadiums and event venues. Its features include event scheduling, CRM, and facility management. The platform also offers integrations with popular third-party tools like QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Mailchimp. EventBooking also offers a mobile app to manage events and communicate with staff and volunteers.

EventPro is a venue management software solution designed for stadiums and arenas that provides a range of features to manage operations. It enables venue operators to schedule events, track inventory, manage resources, and generate customised reports.


The software includes features such as real-time inventory tracking, automated billing, interactive floor plans, and a mobile app for fans to easily access event information. Its user-friendly interface and flexible functionality can help streamline operations, enhance the attendee experience, and increase revenue.

Priava is a cloud-based venue management software offering tools to manage event spaces in arenas and stadiums. The software enables venue operators to manage all aspects of their events, including space utilisation, catering, equipment rental, and event billing. 

The software's event calendar offers a user-friendly interface for managing event details and resources, while its reporting tools provide customisable analytics to track performance and inform business decisions. Priava offers a range of CRM features, including lead tracking, customer history, and marketing campaigns.



 iVvy Case Study: Twickenham Stadium

“iVvy’s software has automated manual tasks so that our Sales and Operational teams can react and respond quickly to prospective clients.”

Laura Jefferies, Marketing Manager Twickenham Experience Limited 


Twickenham Stadium, the home of English Rugby, uses iVvy's software to streamline its venue management operations. The platform provides Twickenham with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage its extensive portfolio of 34 dedicated function rooms and more than 150 pitch side boxes. 

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Using iVvy, Twickenham Stadium can now effortlessly manage its inventory data and cater to a growing number of online enquiries. The platform provides instant online bookings and payments, and automates much of the administrative tasks, enabling the stadium to drive profitability through an expedited quote-contract process. This improves business efficiencies, allowing the sales team to focus on selling and managing the stadium's impressive portfolio of event spaces. 


iVvy's bespoke reporting feature provides the stadium with a tool to analyze business trends and monitor performance in real-time, enabling the stadium to gain a deeper understanding of its audience and behaviours that drive business both won and lost. The ease of use of iVvy's venue management software has been fundamental to the success of Twickenham Stadium's migration from legacy systems to automation-based software. Additionally, iVvy's solutions-oriented approach has proven valuable to Twickenham Stadium, providing flexible enhancements and carrying out updates to the software and integrations.


Discover more iVvy clients here.

Making the Best Choice for Your Needs


When it comes to selecting venue management software for your stadium, there are many factors to consider. While all of the above options offer a range of features to streamline your operations, it's important to consider which software best fits your needs. You'll want to take into account factors such as the software's pricing, ease of use, available features, security, and customer support. Look for software that can help you manage events, schedule staff and volunteers, and automate invoicing and payment processing. By carefully considering these factors, you can select the best venue management software for your stadium.

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