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iVvy Introduces Game-Changing Billing Automation with iVvy Pay

Posted on 16 January 2024

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There's no room for outdated financial processes in a world where time is money and operational budgets are tight. That's why we're excited to introduce iVvy Pay, powered by Payrix, to our Australian, New Zealand, and US clients.

What is iVvy Pay? 

iVvy Pay is our very own payment platform, offering a range of benefits that go beyond competitive fees.

Used in tandem with iVvy's new Billing Automation tool, iVvy Pay simplifies the entire payment process, automating recurring invoicing for venues. It takes the hassle out of creating and distributing invoices for multi-payment bookings, saving you up to 10 minutes per booking.

How Does it Work?


iVvy_Icon-94iVvy Pay and Billing Automation streamline the payment process by effortlessly generating and sending instalment invoices to your customers.

Invoices are received before the payment deadline at a period set by your venue, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment experience. Customers can easily access their invoice through a link provided in an email and make instant payments using the embedded 'Pay Now' button.

iVvy Pay accepts a wide range of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay*, and Apple Pay*.

One of the standout features of iVvy Pay is its ability to put the control back in your hands. iVvy Pay clients have full control over payment transaction fees - choose to absorb them, pass them on, or find a mix that best suits your venue. This level of flexibility empowers venues to provide greater customer convenience and choice.


* Google Pay and Apple Pay are currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. 

Benefits of iVvy Pay & Billing Automation

More Hours Back in Your Day

Greater Payment Efficiencies

Increased  Performance

Eliminate manual recurring invoice creation - save up to 10 minutes per booking with automated recurring invoices.

Save time on payments - say goodbye to manual invoice creation. Our system automatically generates and sends invoices on your behalf 10 days before the due date, ensuring greater accuracy and prompt delivery.

Reduce admin workload - iVvy tracks payment statuses for upcoming payments, taking the burden off your shoulders.


Encourage prompt payments - using iVvy’s embeddable Pay Now button on all invoices.

Greater potential to save money on each transaction - with competitive gateway fees. 

Avoid hidden fees - no set-up fees.

Offer more payment options - iVvy Pay supports multiple payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay*, and Apple Pay*.

Improve cash flow - accelerate the payment cycle and reduce the time it takes to receive payments.

Set, forget and always get paid - create recurring invoices, distributed at a set period.

No manual set-up - All you need to do is apply for your merchant account with Payrix.

Make more informed decisions with iVvy’s transparent and customisable fee structure.

Decide who picks up the bill - absorb all fees, some fees, or pass them to the end user**.

More secure payments - your payments are
backed by Payrix, a trusted payments facilitator.

* Google Pay and Apple Pay only currently available in Australia and New Zealand

** excludes real-time card rejections and refunds


Discover the Benefits of iVvy Pay Today

Getting started with iVvy Pay is a breeze. Simply apply for your merchant account with Payrix and leave the rest to us. 



* Billing Automation is only available for clients who use iVvy Pay. 

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