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Free eBook: Go Green - Sustainable Practices in Hotels & Hospitality Venues

Posted on 8 September 2023



Hotels worldwide are stepping up their game to cut carbon emissions by a whopping 90% before 2050. They're not just doing it to save the planet – they're realising it's a smart business move.

Going green is no fad; it's becoming the way to go. Travellers and employees alike are leaning towards eco-friendly stays and are willing to dig a bit deeper into their wallets for it. Plus, making that initial green investment often pays off big time, thanks to lower operating costs, less paperwork, and more automation.

When hotels do this sustainability thing right, it's a win-win. It's not just about saving the environment; it's about boosting the bottom line and improving the brand's image.

Want to know more? Dive into some of the coolest eco-friendly hotel practices and see how they're making our world a little greener.



What's Inside?

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The Benefits of Strong ESG Principles

Discover the incredible benefits that hotels and hospitality venues can experience by embracing strong ESG principles, including enhanced reputation and profit margins to improved workplace wellbeing.

How to Set Sustainability Goals

Aligning your sustainable objectives with the fundamental foundations of progress: human well-being, social responsibility, economic prosperity, and environmental preservation.

Practices to Minimise Food Wastage

Practical approaches to incorporate in your establishment's kitchen to significantly reduce food waste and promote a more sustainable approach to food management.

Sustainable Hotel Kitchen Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to ensure that your hotel kitchen is adhering to intelligent and environmentally friendly practices.

Energy Saving Practices

Intelligent strategies for conserving energy and promoting sustainability in hotels and hospitality venues.

Utilising Technology for Sustainable Outcomes

Harnessing the power of technology to achieve sustainable results and enhance both internal operations and customer-facing practices.





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