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How Hotels are Using AI Technology to Create Greater Guest Experiences

Posted on 26 September 2022

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has crept into nearly every facet of modern-day living. Designed to make life easier, AI continues to advance in leaps and bounds and, in recent times, has revolutionised how the hospitality industry operates.

89% of hoteliers agree AI significantly reduces operational costs, making it a worthy investment for venue directors to consider implementing. By automating tasks like simple Q&A engagement, tourism and dining recommendations, sales processes, and even direct messaging, the need for additional administrative duties is significantly reduced.

Find out more about how hotels are using AI technology in the way they attract, engage, and impress guests eager to enjoy the conveniences of a modern-day getaway.

Chatbox Concierges

From restaurant recommendations to navigating your way around foreign territory, digital concierges are becoming a common feature in many larger hotel chains around the world. 

Making its debut at Hilton McLean, Connie the concierge robot was designed to take away from guest pain points, including waiting in line at check-in to ask a simple question. At half a metre tall, Connie can answer any questions relating to the hotel, including giving directions. 

In the United Kingdom, guests of Radisson Blu Edwardian can enjoy the company of Edward the chatbox concierge. Implemented within 12 Radisson Blu hotels, Edward has been programmed to report on hotel amenities, give directions, and receive guest feedback via SMS. 

The rise of AI technology and e-concierges addresses the growing consumer preference for digital self-service technology. Hotels using AI technology are playing a pivotal part in changing the entire guest experience. Furthermore, AI has assisted hotel staff to streamline operations; taking away manual administrative processes to focus on delivering a higher level of customer service. 

Enabling guests to take the reins on tailoring their own guest experience, Wynn Las Vegas has installed almost 5,000 of its hotel rooms with Amazon Alexa. This enables guests to control lighting, temperature, curtains, housekeeping preferences, and create a personalised itinerary from a selection of hotel amenities.

Data Collection for More Personalised Experiences

While more people are opting for contactless transactions, there is also an increasing demand for hotel experiences to be tailored to guest needs, wants, and preferences. By gathering and organising data collected at different intervals throughout the marketing and booking process, hotels can create options designed to complement their guest’s stay.

For example, knowing if a guest is staying for business or pleasure can determine the kind of marketing content they should receive post-booking. While someone staying for business may enjoy receiving local restaurant recommendations or special offers, someone staying for leisure purposes will be better suited to receiving communications about local attractions. 

Understanding guests’ personal preferences, interests, and behaviours, and providing them with the appropriate offerings and services can also lead to improved retention and company reputation. Going beyond receiving marketing information, AI allows you to personalise every aspect of a guest’s stay. 

Room & Pricing Optimisation

Automation as a whole can extend beyond streamlining hotel administration. Going digital removes the likelihood of human error, with a greater reliance on data to help manage guest bookings and billing information. 

Room rate optimisation is an AI-powered feature for many venue management systems, enabling hoteliers to embed and update room pricing based on rates of occupancy at different times. 

Additionally, hyper-dynamic pricing allows booking engines to analyse different data and content sources, including news, social media, and user data, and determine hotel rates to maximise profitability. For example, when major events take place that traditionally attracts a large number of visitors to the area, AI software will instantly adjust room prices during this time period.

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