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Posted on 24 April 2024

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Learn how to increase hotel bookings and reviews by making every guest feel part of something truly special.

Creating a memorable guest experience is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have for your hotel to stay competitive.

Personalising the Guest Experience: A Revenue-Boosting Guide for Hotels explores how personalisation can enhance guest satisfaction and significantly increase your hotel revenue. This guide is filled with practical insights and strategies designed for hotel managers and hospitality professionals looking to enhance service offerings and maximise venue profits.


Why Personalisation Matters


Research has shown that a majority of travellers, around 78%, prefer booking accommodations that offer personalised experiences. Additionally, almost half of them are open to sharing personal information to tailor their stay.

Personalisation extends beyond simply making guests feel valued; it is a strategic approach that can result in enhanced loyalty, increased spending, and lower acquisition costs. The potential for revenue growth, estimated between 6% and 10%, provides a strong financial incentive for hotels to focus on this aspect of guest experience.

What You'll Learn

Our eBook takes a deep dive into the practical aspects of guest personalisation, covering everything from collecting and utilising guest data to creating personalised marketing strategies. 

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Understanding Guest Personalisation:
Learn what guest personalisation means practically and how it can transform guest experiences from good to unforgettable.

Creating a Personalisation Strategy: We guide you through setting up a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your brand identity and business goals.

Leveraging Data for Customisation: Discover how to use guest data judiciously to tailor communications, room amenities, and on-site experiences.

Overcoming Common Personalisation Challenges: Address common obstacles such as data privacy concerns and balancing automation with the human touch.


Real-World Success Stories

Take inspiration from the success stories of popular hospitality chains like Best Western and Accor Group. These brands have nailed the art of personalised experiences, producing truly remarkable results.

By checking out these featured case studies, you can see how tailored guest experiences can help your hotel with increased app downloads, improved guest loyalty, and overall satisfaction. 

Exclusive Tools and Templates

Orange Playful Book Store Animated Facebook Cover (1080 x 1500 px) (3)Access exclusive practical tools and downloadable templates that will assist you in creating a personalised guest experience journey for your hotel. From creating buyer personas to collecting guest data, these resources are tailored to help kickstart your personalisation strategy.

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