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Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing With iVvy!

Posted on 20 April 2022



​​Are you searching for ways to connect with your current database of contacts to increase their engagement and sales opportunities for your venue? Email marketing could be just the way to do it. 

Your iVvy venue management system already provides you with the easy-to-use tools to begin email marketing to your clients today! Why not try expanding your email marketing opportunities by using these email marketing tips in your iVvy software;

1. Segment your audience into easy to use lists

Email campaigns that are segmented into relevant audiences can lead to a 760% increase in email revenue (Campaign Monitor, 2019). Delivering your contacts with relevant content will provide much higher engagement. Check out this video on how easy it is to set up;



2. Easy to use iVvy HTML template

No email design experience is required, just simply use an email HTML template and then begin adding in your content. The templates are easy to use, providing a cleaner-looking email that can be sent straight out of your iVvy software.



3. Schedule your emails in advance

This is an easy way to prepare your email marketing campaigns in advance. iVvy's software allows you to schedule each email campaign, allowing you to get ahead and back to running your venue knowing your email communication is going out while you work.







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