Using Virtual Reality, iVvy is Taking Events and Hospitality into the Future!

Posted on 12 March 2016

Industry Insight


iVvy is proud to be revolutionising the events industry and how consumers interact with venues and destinations, with the introduction of 3600 3D tours and floor plans for venues on the iVvy Marketplace. This allows event organisers to experience event spaces and destinations like never before.

The 3600 3D tool allows organisers to experience the venue as if they are there in person, ensuring less time is spent on-site visits and allowing staff to focus on creating and delivering amazing events.


This comes less than a year after iVvy launched the iVvy Marketplace, the worlds first 24-hour live booking engine for the events industry allowing organisers to search, compare, book and pay for function space, food and beverage and group accommodation instantly. iVvy Marketplace has over 1,000 registered venues including function spaces, conference and meeting rooms, restaurants and golf courses, so you can find the perfect venue for your event.


Using iVvys technology, venues can present their live availability and pricing to event planners and organisers. By integrating 3600 video and 3D visualisation tools, venues will now be able to give more information to planners in advance and manage their sales pipeline more effectively.


"As we expand globally, the hospitality industry can take their offering to customers anywhere in the world", said Lauren Hall, iVvy CEO & Founder.


"In the age of connectivity, we are giving people the ability to make decisions about venues from any location, knowing that it is just as good as if they were on-site. This is the future of events and hospitality and we are proud to be catalysts of the change.


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