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6 Holiday Survival Tips for Event Planners

Posted on 7 December 2023

Event Management


Feeling the holiday season frenzy creeping in? Don't worry, we've got just what you need to kick your events off without a hitch. 


The holiday season is synonymous with celebration, joy, and yes - a fair share of chaos. Especially for event planners, it's a time that calls for creativity, efficiency, and a dash of magic. With countless parties and events lined up, how can you ensure each one is memorable and goes off without a hitch?


We've got six essential survival tips to help you navigate through this festive season with ease and success.

Survival tips for event planners

With these tips, you're all set to take on the holiday season as an event planner. Remember, planning is key - but so is having a little fun. 


The first step towards a successful event lies in managing your guest list effectively. Getting RSVPs in can be tricky - particularly at this time of year when people's schedules are filled to the brim. However, remember that your guest list is not a wish list. You have to be realistic with your expectations.

Consider using online platforms to streamline your attendee list. Set up automated reminders, create clear RSVP deadlines, and designate a helper to manage any last-minute changes. This way, you ensure that you have a fair idea of who's coming and can plan accordingly.


Nothing sets the mood for a holiday event like the decor. It's time to kick up the holiday spirit a notch! Ditch the classic tinsel and mistletoe routine and go all out with a winter wonderland twist or a beachy Christmas theme.

Innovative and enchanting decor not only enhances the ambience but leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.


It's the season of giving, after all! From gingerbread men to DIY hot chocolate cups, a free (and tasty) gift never goes astray.

Give your attendees something small but special to take away from your event. Not only does it serve as a token of appreciation, but it also adds a personal touch that can make your event stand out.


No holiday event is complete without a dash of festive fun! Get attendees in the spirit with some festive treats like steamy hot cocoa (or eggnog for extra spice!), sugar cookie decorating stations, or a DIY tree ornament workshop.

Engaging activities can boost the festive spirit and keep your attendees entertained throughout the event.


The best way to handle any unforeseen circumstances is to always be prepared. Save your sanity with an emergency kit full of sweet treats, power banks, extra signage, stationary - and more sweet treats.

Having a backup for any possible mishaps can ensure your event runs smoothly and stress-free.


As guests rush to catch flights and family feasts, maintain your composure (and embrace your joy). A well-executed check-out is like the perfect holiday gift—effortless and full of joy.

Streamlining the check-in and check-out process can make a world of difference to your guests' overall experience.

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