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How Using Event Management Software Can Improve Your Marketing

Posted on 14 March 2023

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How do you define a successful event? For event planners, it is a combination of planning, delivery - and, of course, attendee turnout. Ticket sales make up an average 46% of total event revenue, so it pays for event organisers to invest in marketing - but with so much else on the agenda, finding the time can be tough. Fortunately, there's an easy solution - event management software.


Event management software is the ultimate productivity partner. With it, you'll no longer need to worry about how much time and effort will go into convincing people to attend your events. 


Find out how you can use event management software in your marketing efforts to unlock a more profitable outcome with less stress, gain valuable insights on ROI, and save both money and time.


Automate & streamline marketing processes


Event management software makes it more efficient for organisers to plan, orchestrate, and coordinate marketing campaigns in one central platform. This eliminates the need for multiple programs and pieces of software, saving both time and money. Event management software like iVvy includes built-in email and SMS marketing tools, making it easier for event organisers to pre-schedule communication at multiple touchpoints throughout the event journey. 


Track insights and results 

Event management software allows planners to collect, analyse and act on data in real time. This data ranges from email open and click-through rates to website visitor analytics and online enquiries. All of this data is critical for marketers when trying to target potential attendees to in-person or hybrid events, as it enables them to quickly identify trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. Additionally, with the help of event management software, planners can now create more personalised campaigns that better engage potential attendees and build relationships with them - something traditional marketing techniques simply cannot achieve.

Access data-driven insights

Icons-56-1Event management software can provide invaluable data for planners to help them understand their audience and better target them during marketing efforts. Past event data can be used to analyse attendance and engagement, helping inform decisions on times, locations, event types and promotional incentives. It also provides insights into how successful previous marketing activities have been, as well as identifying improvement areas during current campaigns. With the right insights from event software, event managers can create marketing campaigns that capture the attention of their ideal audience, and funnel them down a path to purchase.

Increase audience reach


Online marketplaces provide a one-stop shop for event planners and organisers, offering a range of services, including venue sourcing, registration, ticketing, and promotion. 


With iVvy Marketplace, you have access to a comprehensive venue directory with detailed information about each venue's capacity, amenities, pricing, and availability. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect venue that meets your specific needs, whether you're planning a small business meeting, a large conference, or a wedding.


iVvy Marketplace's search filters also make it simple to refine your search results based on location, size, venue type, and other parameters, ensuring that you find the right venue to meet your event requirements. Once you find a venue that meets your needs, you can book it directly through the iVvy platform, simplifying the booking process and providing greater transparency throughout the entire process.


Venue owners can also list their establishment for free on iVvy Marketplace here.

Create stronger relationships


Icons-63 (1)With event management software, complete with CRM, planners can keep track of whom they've interacted with and gain valuable insights into their interests and preferences. This data can be strategically used to fine-tune engagement strategies and better target certain audiences. As planners track conversations and interactions across multiple channels such as email, social media and phone calls, they can paint a clearer picture of which topics are resonating with their contacts and allows them to adjust their marketing approach accordingly.

By leveraging the right event management software, planners can build stronger relationships that ultimately lead to more sales - either ticket sales, partnerships, or sponsors - and improve the customer experience.

If you’re after more tips to improve your customer experience, check out our Q&A with Customer Care Expert, Bill Quiseng here.

Detailed performance reporting


Reports generated by event management software track key metrics such as attendance numbers, revenue, response rates and more. This kind of data allows planners to understand which marketing channels are most effective and which messages resonate with their audience. Automated reporting also helps planners save time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry, allowing them to focus on other tasks while still being able to make well-informed decisions in real time. Event management software's reporting capabilities provide a powerful way for planners to ensure they are getting the most out of their marketing efforts.

Greater personalisation 


Icons-35Event management software integrated with a CRM can be used to create more personalised marketing campaigns. By leveraging the data gathered from both systems, planners can gain valuable insights into contact behaviour and preferences. This enables them to understand who is most likely to respond positively to their efforts and create engaging marketing campaigns and offers accordingly.


Additionally, planners can segment their contacts into lists and send tailored messaging to certain contacts (separate messages for attendees vs event partners, for example). By keeping track of a contact’s communication history, event planners can more effectively engage with contacts, without bombarding them with repeated or ineffective messages.

More accessibility


Cloud-based event management software gives planners an unparalleled level of accessibility, making it much easier to keep track of their marketing campaigns wherever they go. The ability to access data in real-time means that planners can stay up to date on performance metrics and quickly pivot strategy if necessary. Planners can also collaborate with multiple team members across different devices and locations, allowing them to make informed decisions regardless of their location. This kind of accessibility is invaluable to be able to react quickly to changes in the event program or answer any queries. With cloud-based event management software, event planners can ensure their marketing campaigns are always informed and ready to respond when needed.

Integrate with existing systems


Icons-55Event management software integration gives planners the ability to bring together data from multiple sources for use in their campaigns, allowing them to create more targeted and effective messages. Planners can take advantage of integrations with customer relationship management platforms and other systems to identify key customers, target specific audiences and tailor messaging to each individual's needs.


This can result in better-informed marketing initiatives that are more likely to reach their intended audience and generate a positive response. Moreover, event management software integration can automate laborious tasks such as reminders or confirmations, saving planners time while ensuring that no action slips through the cracks.


Level up your marketing efforts


With event management software, planners are equipped with the tools to launch campaigns that are highly targeted and optimised for their desired audience. Data gathering from multiple sources, automated reminders and confirmations, and tailored messages for individual customers make event management software a powerful tool to improve the marketing efforts of any event.


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