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Management Companies, Brand Mandates, and the Future of Hospitality

Posted on 16 December 2021

Industry Insight


iVvy founder and CEO Lauren Hall contributed to Lodging Magazine dissecting the future of hospitality and the benefits of working with non-proprietary 3rd party systems to allow greater integration, decreased cost and better lead handling.

The full article by Lodging Magazine is available here.

Excerpt below

There was a push toward centralized operations even before the pandemic forced hotel companies to reduce staff sizes and shutter some properties. The trend started with reservations; today, when travellers call to book a room, they’re often sent to a remote call center instead of speaking with an employee on-property. The trend then moved to accounting, and the process of recording financial transactions is usually handled by a team in a regional or corporate office.

Today, disciplines such as revenue management and sales operate from corporate offices with team members supporting multiple properties across a portfolio. In sales, leads will come into the corporate office, and centralized sales teams will distribute leads to the individual property that best fits the lead’s needs.

Management company and ownership group operations can be hindered by proprietary or brand-managed systems that don’t communicate or share data with other systems.


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