Venue Product Update - September

Posted on 1 October 2021

iVvy Updates


Ability to Assign Up to 5 User Groups to a User

When creating a User in the system you will now be able to allocate up to 5 User Groups. For example if you manage multiple properties and you would like a user to have full access to 1 property and view only for another, this new feature will help you achieve this desired view. 

A user will simply be able to swap between profiles by clicking on their name on the top right hand corner of the screen and selecting the appropriate group. 

Multiple User Groups-1

Click here to learn more about setting up User Groups.


New Data Available in the Sales Tracking Report

in your Sales Tracking Report, you will now find the below data; 

Commission Data

  •  Agent name, Agent company, Agent commission per cost center (% or $), Agent phone, Agent email


Accommodation data

  • Cut off date, Block cancellation date, Charging method, Reservation method, Reservation cancellation date, Arrival method


Minimum Spend

  • Minimum spend values (each Cost Centre and Booking Minimum Spend Total)


Shift4 & Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Updates

iVvy has now allowed Shift4 and payment gateways to enable Address Verification Service (AVS). This new feature enables the payee address to be passed with the card details for additional verification purposes to prevent fraudulent transactions.


Payment Receipts Now Available for Payments from an Online Gateway

We have now enabled Payment Receipts for any invoice paid via an online payment gateway. When a payment is made you will now notice a ‘View’ option on the right hand side of your payment. This receipt can be downloaded as a PDF and emailed from the system.

Payment Receipts

If you would like the system to automate the release of the receipt you can turn this on by navigating to: Setup > Venue Details > Company Details > Automatically Email Receipt: Yes


API Updates:

We have now exposed refunds applied to an invoice via the getInvoice API endpoint.

Click here to view out API documentation.

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