Tech Trends for Corporate Events


The Latest Tech Trends Transforming Corporate Events

Posted on 11 June 2024

Event Management


Ready to shake up the corporate event scene? Check out the tech trends that are turning conventional meetings and conferences on their head. 


Picture trading in your traditional nametag for a digital avatar or experiencing a room that adjusts its temperature according to the number of attendees entering. Dive into the cutting-edge tech trends that are revolutionising corporate events, making them more effective and engaging.

Interactive Event Apps

Interactive event apps have brought about a paradigm shift in how attendees engage with and participate in events. From humble beginnings as mere agenda outlines, event apps have evolved into sophisticated platforms offering a range of interactive features. These features range from real-time event updates, personalised schedules, and interactive maps, to networking tools, Q&A sessions, and live polls.


 As a result, attendees can now enjoy a more immersive and engaging event experience, while event organisers can leverage these features to create a more memorable and successful event. Event apps also facilitate customised networking opportunities, leveraging algorithms to match attendees with similar interests, promoting meaningful interactions. 


Smart Venues


Picture yourself walking into a venue where the environment adapts itself based on the number of people present or their level of engagement. This (not so) futuristic scenario is made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Using sensors and smart devices, it’s now possible to control a venue’s lighting, temperature, and sound, creating an optimal atmosphere that caters to different segments of an event. For event managers, this means more opportunities to provide an immersive and personalised experience for corporate event attendees.


What Can Smart Venue Technology Do?

Identify High Traffic Areas: Locate foot traffic hot spots for insight into successful booth or event stand locations.

Mobile Ticketing: Go paperless and minimise long check-in queues with online check-in or ticketing.

Connect Attendee Services: Give attendees the option to order food and beverages, connect, or engage in event activities via mobile.

Real-Time Event Updates: Instantly share upcoming event details or last-minute changes with all attendees via push notifications.

Assist with Attendee Parking: Help event attendees find available parking or navigate them to venue parking lots.



Wearable Tech for Enhanced Interaction


Beyond fitness trackers and smartwatches, wearable IoT devices can offer attendees a unique and interactive experience. For instance, smart badges facilitate seamless networking, enabling attendees to exchange information and digital content effortlessly.


How Klik Wearable Event Tech Increased Exhibitor Leads by Almost 400%

Make-your-event-an-experience-to-remember-with-smart-badges-1The Klik SmartBadge is an innovative wearable technology solution that revolutionises how attendees engage and interact at events. Attendees can use their name badges to connect via Bluetooth and share contact information with a single-click gesture. In addition to this, they can access content from pre-configured touchpoints located throughout the event venue. 

All Klik's interactions are automatically saved to the event attendee's profile, which can be viewed during or after the event via the Klik app. Bizzabo reviewed its events in 2023 and saw an increase of 389% in the number of exhibitor leads at Klik-powered events, compared to events that did not use Klik. This innovative tech trend is changing the event game, providing attendees with a new avenue to connect interactively.


AI-Powered Event Management


The event management industry is transforming with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI),  providing easy-to-use tools and insights that streamline planning and enhance attendee experiences. Thanks to AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, attendees can receive instant support, have questions instantly answered, and receive personalised recommendations. This virtual assistance leads to a better experience for the attendees and reduces the workload on human staff.


Using predictive analytics based on historical event data, event planners can forecast trends, attendee preferences, and logistical challenges. This data gives event planners the ability to address potential issues before they arise and tailor events to exceed expectations.

Digital Swag Bags

Digital swag bags offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional physical giveaways. These virtual bags can contain e-vouchers, digital content, and exclusive online experiences, reducing waste and providing value long after the event ends.


What Goes in a Digital Swag Bag?

Educational gifts: ebooks, whitepapers, audiobooks

Participation gifts: app subscriptions, virtual fitness passes, certificate of attendance

Event essentials: speaker bios, event agenda, venue map

Monetary gifts: gift cards, discounts, coupons


Leveraging Big Data for Enhanced Event Experiences


Using big data can offer valuable insights into the preferences and behaviours of attendees, making it possible for event planners to create more targeted and effective events. By analysing attendee data, you can personalise communication and content, predict future trends, and deliver a more customised attendee experience.


Thanks to data analytics, event planners can tailor every aspect of the event to match the attendees' preferences, from agenda and workshops to entertainment and networking opportunities. This level of personalisation can significantly improve attendee satisfaction and engagement. Data analytics allow you to make quick, informed decisions about your event. By tracking patterns and trends in real-time, you can modify schedules, layouts, and content to optimise the event experience.


Take Your Corporate Events to the Next Level


As we look to the future, integrating these technologies will continue to redefine what's possible in the world of corporate events, offering exciting prospects for both planners and attendees alike. By embracing these innovative event tech trends, you can create more impactful, efficient, and memorable corporate experiences, impressing attendees, and encouraging repeat attendees. 


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