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The Role of Co-Creation: How to Use Feedback to Increase Venue Leads

Posted on 13 February 2024

Venue Management


Feedback is not just a gold mine of information to boost performance - it's also a secret weapon to skyrocket your venue leads.


With so much easily accessible information and a strong understanding of marketing influence, consumers have grown increasingly sceptical of companies. It's crucial to establish trust, convey authenticity and communicate transparently to stand out - and one effective way to do this is through co-creation.


For your venue, this means partnering with event clients and attendees to shape, refine, and market your venue's experiences and services. By involving your target audience in the creation process via opinions and honest feedback, you acknowledge and value their unique perspectives and insights, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared ownership. This enhances the overall client experience and establishes a stronger connection that can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

The Importance of Co-Creation for Your Venue


Co-creation is backed by solid demand. Survey findings by Bulbshare have revealed that 81% of consumers consider brands to be more authentic when collaborating with customers while 86% believe that brands can earn their trust by engaging in co-creation.


Furthermore, businesses that personalise interaction tend to significantly outperform their competitors, enjoying an average of 40% more revenue growth

How to Use Co-Creation and Feedback to Increase Venue Leads

1. Strategic Feedback Analysis: Delving into the Details

When analysing client feedback, resist the temptation to skim the surface. Go beyond general comments and delve deeper into the specifics, paying specific attention to how clients felt about aspects such as atmosphere, seating arrangements, and the overall experience of booking your venue.

Consider employing sentiment analysis tools to uncover underlying emotions and insights of your venue clients. This will allow you to identify subtle preferences and collect actionable insights, which can guide targeted improvements.

Tip: Establish a feedback loop to regularly review client feedback alongside operational metrics like event success rates. This helps identify trends and areas for improvement, ensuring feedback directly informs service enhancements. 


2. Diversify Feedback Channels for a Comprehensive View


Standard surveys, while valuable, sometimes provide a limited scope. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of client expectations, go beyond the norm. Engage clients through one-on-one interviews, organise focused feedback sessions, and consider creating an online community or forum where clients can provide continuous feedback.

By diversifying your feedback channels, you create a rich tapestry of perspectives, offering a robust foundation for well-informed decision-making.


Tip: Utilise digital analytics tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar to analyse user behaviour on your website. These insights, combined with direct feedback, can highlight areas for improvement and inform data-driven decisions to enhance the customer experience.


3. Proactive Improvement with Predictive Analytics


To enhance your venue's performance, shift from reactive practices to proactive ones. Predictive analytics can help you achieve this by identifying emerging venue trends and potential issues before they occur. 


By analysing past booking feedback, seasonal trends, and lost leads, you can make informed decisions to meet client needs. For example, if most of your lost leads are due to pricing, you may need to re-evaluate your event package costs and inclusions. Leveraging past feedback to improve your connection with potential venue sales can position your venue as an industry leader dedicated to constant improvement.


 Tip: Utilise digital analytics tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar to analyse user behaviour on your website. These insights, combined with direct feedback, can highlight areas for improvement and inform data-driven decisions to enhance the customer experience.


4. Real-Time Feedback for Instant Experience Enhancement


Enhance your feedback capabilities by incorporating real-time responsiveness into your operations. By using event-specific apps, quick surveys, and smart devices, you can implement instant feedback loops that immediately capture client feedback during events. 


With iVvy venue management software, you can distribute real-time updates to all departments, ensuring that everyone is informed of last-minute changes or additions to food and beverage or accommodations. This level of agility allows you to make on-the-spot improvements, demonstrating your commitment to delivering a dynamic and exceptional client experience.

Tip: Use QR codes for easy access to surveys at your venue, enabling immediate client feedback. This helps to streamline departmental communication for quick adjustments whenever possible, enhancing client experiences in real-time.



5. Professional Mastery: Enhancing Staff Interaction Skills


Frontline staff members play a crucial role in shaping clients' experiences. Invest in continuous training that goes beyond the basics and focuses on developing advanced client interaction skills. Empower your staff to handle feedback proactively and identify real-time improvement opportunities.


Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, as a highly skilled team enhances client satisfaction, significantly contributing to a positive venue reputation.


Tip: Incorporate role-play and case studies in staff training to simulate real client interactions, enhancing skills in handling feedback and identifying improvement opportunities. This boosts confidence and fosters a culture of continuous learning and service excellence.


6. Strategic Industry Partnerships: Building Bridges for Insights


Collaborating with event planners, vendors, and industry experts can offer valuable insights and opportunities for co-creating material that can broaden your audience and increase venue lead opportunities. Establish strategic partnerships within the events industry to better understand evolving trends and client expectations. Participate in industry events to increase visibility and attract leads through collaboration and referrals.


These partnerships broaden your network, adding greater credibility to your venue as a diverse event location.


Tip: Engage in online forums and LinkedIn groups to connect with event planners and vendors, enhancing your venue’s reputation and fostering strategic partnerships.


7. Rewarding Feedback Pioneers: Exclusive Incentive Programs


Encouraging clients to provide valuable feedback requires more than a simple request. You can introduce exclusive incentive programs that go beyond traditional thank-you gifts. For example, consider offering personalised booking perks, VIP packages or premium services to clients who actively and regularly contribute insightful feedback that you can use on your website, review sites, or social media channels. 


It's also a good idea to develop a tiered incentive structure that fosters a sense of exclusivity and loyalty. This approach can help you solidify client relationships and turn them into loyal advocates for your venue.


Tip: Share how client feedback leads to specific improvements, showing its value and encouraging continued engagement, reinforcing the loyalty program's benefits and enhancing client loyalty.


Use Client Feedback to Increase Your Venue Leads Today


Co-creation through client feedback is more than a clever strategy; it becomes a philosophy of engagement, transparency, and continual evolution. Venues that adopt this approach are not just event spaces but dynamic hubs where client input, innovation, and responsiveness converge.


It's important to remember that implementing a client's feedback is just the beginning of a dynamic relationship between your venue and the client. By involving clients in the creation process and strategically using their feedback, your venue can create experiences that resonate deeply with them. This leads to a stronger industry reputation, happier clients, and greater word-of-mouth marketing for your venue spaces.


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