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Transforming Venue Management: Strato Melbourne's Success with iVvy

Posted on 30 May 2024



"iVvy is modern software that adapts to your needs and grows alongside you."

William Kay, Director of Sales and Marketing, Strato Melbourne

Elevating Sophistication with Smart Technology


On the 40th floor of Oakwood Premier Melbourne lies Strato Melbourne, a luxurious and sophisticated venue. It features an exquisite restaurant, V.I.P. areas, lavish bars, and a stunning floating outdoor lounge, making it a symbol of unparalleled dining and event experiences. However, even the greatest stories come with their own set of challenges, and Strato's was to find the perfect venue management partner.

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The Challenge: A New Venue, A Big Decision

As a new addition to the Yarra Hotels Group, Strato had a daunting but clear task - to choose a venue management software that not only matched its grandeur but also streamlined its operations.


William Kay, the dynamic Director of Sales and Marketing at Strato, was well aware of the challenge. With a rich background in managing diverse hospitality spaces, William was on a quest to find a solution that was cost-effective, easy to adapt to, and could future-proof the business.


Strato's Game-Changing Solution: iVvy Venue Management Software

Strato Melbourne found their ideal venue management software solution with iVvy. After considering several options, iVvy stood out as the perfect fit for their needs. It offered an easy-to-use interface, logical design, and quick training modules - and that was just the beginning.


 “Having a platform that we could add in future properties and manage as a central team made the most sense to me. iVvy was the best fit for Strato as it is easy to train someone new to events, it was logical, modern, and easy to navigate around,” William explained. 


“The training and support for any question or concern is always quick too. It has all the functionality that we require and integrates with other event spaces and the hotel.”


William Kay, Director of Sales and Marketing, Strato Melbourne


iVvy Features That Revolutionised Strato Melbourne


iVvy_Icon-76Diary View: iVvy's intuitive calendar made booking venues a breeze, eliminating scheduling conflicts and maximising space utilisation.

 iVvy_Icon-68Online Enquiry Form: A streamlined booking process meant leads were captured easily, responded to faster, and available in one place.

iVvy_Icon-95E-Documents: iVvy's digital documents reduced paper usage, improved accuracy, and have signed contracts returned quicker.

iVvy_Icon-57Cloud-Based Functionality: Strato's team could access crucial data remotely, meaning staff could log on and work from anywhere.

The Results: A Success Story Unfolds


Since implementing iVvy, Strato Melbourne has been able to work from anywhere, which has made it easier for the business to keep running smoothly. This also helps the venue stay competitive and gives their employees more flexibility.

iVvy's cloud-based system makes it easy to update and connect with other software that Strato uses. This is important because the team members at Strato have different roles and need to be able to work together effectively.

Using iVvy has made it much easier for different departments and people involved with Strato and Oakwood Premier to communicate and work together. They can now share information easily and make better decisions based on real-time data.


Setting a New Standard in Venue Management


Strato Melbourne's adoption of iVvy goes beyond being a mere success story. They're not just succeeding, they're setting a new standard for the hospitality industry. By fully embracing automation and streamlined solutions for venue operations, Strato Melbourne is not only getting things done more efficiently and elegantly - they're also reimagining what's possible for the future.


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