Ensure Your Venue Management Software Has These 7 Crucial Features


7 Crucial Features for Your Venue Management Software (& Your Free Checklist)

Posted on 7 February 2023

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Finding the right venue management software for your business can be daunting. Event planners must consider an array of features that need to be included in a software solution to ensure their operations run smoothly and efficiently. While everyone’s needs are slightly different, there are some key features your venue management software should include to aid with all aspects of event planning and running.

What features should my venue management software include?


Firstly, a function diary is essential for all areas of your venue. This will enable you to view all quoted, tentative and confirmed bookings in one convenient place. Additionally, having the ability to invoice clients and take payments online allows for swift payment collection and an enhanced customer experience.


Live availability is also important as it enables customers to see whether the venue is free via an embedded booking button or engine from the website straight into your CRM. Integrating with other existing apps and programs helps centralise operations while automation tools will save time by sending out attendee notifications, event updates and other messages quickly and easily without any manual labour involved.


Reporting capabilities offer insights on event performance so decisions can be made based on data collected within the software itself as well as providing custom reporting options when required. Finally, security assurance is crucial - thoroughly investigate what data protection procedures are in place as well as how often they are updated.


By researching these seven key features before committing to a venue management software solution, you’ll be one step closer towards taking your business further whilst streamlining operations and creating an excellent customer experience every time.


Download the free feature must-have list

Keep as a handy reference guide when comparing venue management software options.


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