Venue Product Update 1.2.0

Posted on 7 July 2022

iVvy Updates


In this venue product update we look at our enhancements to Notes, Contact and Company Relationships and much more. 

Note Enhancements 

We have received feedback that the Notes tab in a session can be overwhelming as it lists the notes for the entire booking. We have made a change to only display notes within a session that are associated with that session (e.g. menu, resource). So please don’t be alarmed if your notes seemingly go missing; they are still accessible at a booking level. The booking ‘Notes’ tab has not changed. 

To see this enhancement in action, watch the video below. 

Enhancements to Contact and Company Relationships

We are pleased to bring you another enhancement to our CRM section this release. If you are reviewing Contacts of a Company and you select ‘Edit’ you will now be taken to the Contacts full profile vs the pop up with limited information that we would previously provide. 

In addition if you are in a Contact profile, you will see a new Companies tab to see any Companies the contact is linked to and if you edit, you will be taken to the full Company profile. 

Enhancements to Special Conditions for Companies 

Special Conditions is a fantastic feature which allows you to load company specific cancellations policies and payment terms which can merge through onto document templates such as your contract. We have made an enhancement that when loading a special condition into the system for the Top Parent Company you will now have the ability to apply this condition to all companies linked to the parent company.

Increased Visibility of Agents and Agent Contacts

Agent and Agent Contact columns are now available on all relevant listing tables, allowing you to easily see the Agent and specific Agent Contact for Leads, Quotes, Opportunities etc

We have also added the ability to select a specific Agent Contact on Accommodation Contracts.

API Updates

We have made the following updates to our API: 

  • New endpoint to retrieve the entries into the booking change log for a singular booking
  • Update to the addOrEditCompany endpoint to allow for company custom fields to be used and edited in the same manner as Booking or Contact custom fields

Please refer to our API Developer site for further information. 

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