Venue Product Update 1.4.0

Posted on 23 August 2022



In this venue product update, we look at upgrades to User Group Mapping & Outlook Task & Activities integration. 

SSO Upgrade for User Group Mapping 

We have made updates to our SSO so you can now pass a value within the SSO data from your identity provider that can be mapped to a user group. This means you can send a value into iVvy so we can identify what User Group the user should be assigned to. SSO users will no longer have to be created and assigned to a base level group and then manually changed to the desired user group.  

Should you have any questions about this update or need any assistance, reach out to our Support team on


Outlook Tasks & Activities Integration Available

We have released a new and exciting integration for all of our Outlook users. You can now sync your iVvy tasks and activities (meetings) to your Outlook tasks & calendar to more efficiently manage your workload. 


To learn more about this new integration, click here.


If you're interested in configuring this new integration in your account, reach out to your Trainer or Client Success Manager for pricing information.

Coming Soon: 


Important API Changes


We're making a change to some of our ContactAPI endpoints which will require certain users to change how they interact with our system.


iVvy currently records guest details on room reservations as contacts. See here.


These reservation contacts are currently contacts in the CRM database. In the future, these contacts will be removed from the CRM database and stored separately (i.e. in each Booking’s reservation list). Contact details, including the unique ID of each contact, will remain unchanged during this transition.

To learn how you might be affected and what is changing in the iVvy API, click here.

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