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Venue Product Update 1.5.0

Posted on 17 October 2022

iVvy Updates


Within this venue product update, there are key changes to; allocating tasks, task flexibility when cancelling, and new terms for reporting. Read to find out how these will benefit your venue. 

Allocate Tasks to Both a Salesperson and a Coordinator

Improved task functionality enables a task that, when triggered, will be automatically allocated to:
  • The Salesperson - the creator of the booking
  • The Coordinator - the person responsible for the planning and execution of the event if different from the salesperson
  • A venue-defined Booking Role - examples of this would include A.V./Technical Manager, Catering Manager, or Group Reservations Manager (Please see here to learn more about defining your BOOKING ROLES)
This update will enable the task workflow management tool to separate sales and contracting-related processes and customer touch points. The operational event planning tasks will be allocated to different users from the time of booking creation or status change.
New Feature - task to Coordinator


Additional Task Flexibility when Cancelling a Booking

When a booking has been deemed not to go ahead and is set to a status of 'Cancelled', you are now presented with the additional option to cancel the remaining task associated with the booking instead of it happening automatically.


New Feature - Cancel Tasks

New Booking Payment Terms Report

iVvy's new Booking Payment Terms Report will display the allocated payment terms or deposit schedule of all prospective, tentative, and confirmed events within a select date range. 
Users can use this report to forecast deposit and instalment payments regardless of if the invoice has been raised, and see booking payment information relating to total value, total paid, and totally outstanding.
New Feature - Payment Term Report


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