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What to Include in Your Event Sponsorship Proposal (& Free Template)

Posted on 12 December 2023

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Download our free sponsorship proposal template to have sponsors lining up to be part of your next event.

You're hosting an amazing event, but you need the perfect sponsors to make it even more unforgettable. Look no further! Our event sponsorship proposal template is here to help you craft a pitch that sponsors will find irresistible. 

With our free and customisable template, you can tailor your pitch to match the unique vibe of your event and cater to the interests and desires of potential sponsors. 


What's Included in the Event Sponsorship Proposal Template?


Executive Summary


An executive summary is your chance to make a great first impression by presenting your event in a clear and concise manner. You need to showcase the purpose of your event, the target audience, and expected outcomes so that the sponsor can see the value in partnering with you.


Event Overview


Start by listing out all your event details like location, date, and time - but don't stop there. Delve into what makes your event truly unique and special. This is your chance to show potential sponsors why your event is a must-attend. Excite them with your event objectives and make them eager to be a part of it.


Sponsorship Levels


Provide a clear list of levels available. Each level should come with its own unique set of inclusions,  customisation options and additional add-ons. This ensures sponsors can choose the level that best fits their needs and budget, while also feeling they are receiving value and recognition.


Benefits of Sponsorship


By highlighting the unique appeal of your event and aligning it with their brand values, you can create a compelling narrative that emphasises the tangible returns on their investment. This strategic approach not only enhances the perceived value of their sponsorship but fosters a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Sponsorship Packages


Showcase the unique and exciting opportunities that come with each sponsorship level, from prime logo placement to exclusive speaking opportunities and premium booth space. By highlighting specific perks, you'll inspire sponsors to join forces with you and enjoy the many benefits that come with being a part of your event.  


Target Audience


By providing a detailed description of your audience, including their demographics and interests, you can showcase the immense value of investing in your event to potential sponsors. Demonstrate that your event is a golden opportunity for sponsors to reach a specific demographic with a high level of engagement and purchasing power.


About Our Organisation


When it comes to wooing potential sponsors, you want to showcase your organisation in the best possible light. That means painting a vivid picture of who you are, what you stand for, and the amazing things you've accomplished.




Contact Information

iVvy_Icon-15As you wrap up your proposal, don't miss the opportunity to leave a lasting impression by going the extra mile. Include your contact information and express your sincere gratitude for their time. Make it simple for potential sponsors to connect by offering instant meeting options or attaching a booking form.



Download Your Free Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

A well-written event sponsorship proposal is an absolute game-changer when it comes to attracting the perfect sponsors for your event - and lucky for you, our free sponsorship proposal template is here to help you do just that. With this template, you'll be able to create a pitch that not only showcases the unique appeal of your event but also aligns it perfectly with the interests and desires of potential sponsors.

Don't miss out on this golden chance to have sponsors lining up to be a part of your next event. Download our free event sponsorship proposal template today and take your event to a whole new level.




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