Venue Product Update 22.14

Posted on 13 April 2022

iVvy Updates



April Enhancements

It's time for our updates to our venue management system including enhancements to surveys, diary, CRM and much more. Keep reading to find out more. 

Updates in Surveys 

From the 28th of April, surveys will no longer be able to be used within iFrames. If you have any concerns, please email as soon as possible. 

Diary Enhancements

We have added a toggle to the week view of the diary. This toggle once selected will display the indicative start and end time of a session or function on the diary. 

How we have achieved this is breaking the cell on the diary into 1 hour increments. We then look at the times of the sessions or functions in your bookings so we can display what time through the day the space is being used.  

This allows visibility for you, so you can quickly identify if a space is available during different periods of the day.

To see this feature in action, watch the video below.


Setup Requirements now available in Session/Functions Report (Generated) PDF Export

Last month we made an update so that Setup Requirements will populate on the Session/Function Report (Generated). This month we have made another update so this information is also available in the exportable PDF version of this report. 


Integrations Updates 

Processing Refunds through the GlobalPay & Stripe gateways

If you are currently using the GlobalPay or Stripe payment gateways, you will now be able to process refunds straight to the customer from iVvy. Previously in the system you would mark an invoice as refunded however you were still required to handle the refund out of the system. By being able to process the refund straight from iVvy, this will be a great time saver for the team. 

Please note this feature is only available for those clients using the GlobalPay and Stripe gateways. 


CRM Updates 

Email Accommodation Contracts

Due to high demand, customers can now email Accommodation Contracts from the system. When emailing an accommodation contract from the system, you will be able to utilise your venue email templates. Please note, the ability to use Custom Fields in your email templates specifically for Accommodation Contracts is coming soon. 

Watch the video below to see this feature in action. 


Accommodation Contacts are an additional feature, if you are interested to learn more, please contact 

Affiliates now available within a Company and Agent Profile 

We have added a new "Affiliates" tab to a Company and Agent profile. This section can be used to add links between a company and its agents, but can also be used to associate two non-agent companies. 

There is also a new "Affiliates" hyperlink on the Companies listing table and two new Set Columns available: Primary Contact Email and Primary Contact Phone. This will allow users to quickly view contact details without having to navigate to the Contacts section.

Click here to learn more. 

Ability to associate Tasks and Activities to Agents 

When adding a task or activity, you will now be able to associate this with an Agent. iVvy will automatically create an affiliation between the agent and company if one does not exist already.

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